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September 2005
Sun, Sep. 25th, 2005 09:06 pm

I like spinach and avocados for no apparent reason. Well, I know I like them because they are good, but this is the first time in 26 years that I have galdly consumed avocado or cooked spinach. What gives? Maybe I'll find out in another week or so. :)

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Fri, Sep. 23rd, 2005 01:10 pm

My school is sponsoring a trip to Africa! Basically what this means is that a two week trip to Africa that would normally cost about $5800 is being offered to us for $2000. And, there are fundraisers in the works, so it could be even less. Oh, to go to Africa! Two weeks! I'm getting the info sheet on Monday, so until then I am just going to imagine that husbands are half price, and kiddies are free.

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Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 09:40 pm
I just got home from Stitch n Bitch. I am test knitting Stefanie Japel's new design, and I got a really good start on it. Size thirteens! That's a big ol' needle. I am using the only thing in my stash that is super bulky, and it's a sweatshirt grey. I am thinking aboutmaybe dying it after I am done, and, in addotion, doing the trim in black. Maybe I could get the grey to become a nice dark maroony color. The grey is nice, but it just reminds me of gym, and I don't really wear grey. I'm going to try and update more. I'm sure you've heard it all before, but seriously, I am. Promise.

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Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005 01:36 pm

And, I broke my fucking pinky toe! OUCH!

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Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005 12:50 pm
Aaa. I locked my keys in the car this morning... with Frida still in her carseat!!! She handled it pretty well. She got kind of freaked at one point (who could blame her) but she seemed fine after we got the door unlocked. It cost 90 bucks to break into my car! And I think I will be blogging on iblog soon, it's a mac thing.

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Wed, Aug. 17th, 2005 09:32 pm

So, my loom is leaving me soon. I offered it up on Oakland freecycle. I just can't handle it right now. I don't know how to weave, and this thing is too big to just be taking up space in my house and life right now. I figure that if I let this one go, another will come along when I am ready. Right? There is still part of me that is saying "just keep it, you could learn" but I know that isn't going to happen any time soon. Bah.

I started fall semester at Laney college today. My first class was Introduction to African-American Studies with Ray Richardson. He arrived late and apologized for not having our syllabus ready. He explained that he had not planned on teaching this class, and so had been out of the country for the summer, and just found out when he returned that he was. So, the textbook got ordered yesterday, and won't be in until next week at least. My second class was African-American History: Africa-1865 with Ray Richardson. HaHa. It was cancelled, due to painting and maintenance. So basically I pointlessly rushed out of bed this morning at 6:15, after sleeping through my alarm for fifteen minutes which I never do, (and I know that 6 is not that early, but my dear sweet Frida is very emotionally aware, and knew that something was going on, and so did not sleep last night but rather rolled all over me demanding in her sleep to "pick you up?", and nursing almost constantly) but I was tired, and my alarm is my cell phone, and it had gotten shoved under my pillow while I "slept", so...we'll try again on Friday.

In other news, I have but one more repeat of f&f on Hush-hush, and then the straps, and then done!!! I really think I will finish it in time for my trip to MN. Yay! I bought the tickets last night, and we are all set to join the mosquitoes in Mn summer. Just another step in convincing myself that I don't really want to live there, even though we could buy a huge amount of land and build a cob house for about $50,000, which wouldn't buy us a bus stop here in Berkeley.

Well, my buzz from SnB is wearing off, and I need to get to bed. See ya!

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Fri, Aug. 12th, 2005 07:14 pm
Well, I just dropped Doug off at the Freight and Salvage, where he is goingtto be watching a bluegrass show. He was hesitant to go out, but I made him. He never goes anywhere, and I think he then resents me when I do go out. If I have to make him go out, then I will. He feels guilty when he goes out, but I think that's dumb. But sort of sweet. Anyway, as we were coming home, we stopped at the traffic light at University and Shattuck. All of a sudden, hundreds of bikes came around the corner ands circled around and around in the intersection. They continued to circle in the intersection for about three cycles off the light. Noody dared honk, I guess, and I thought it was awesome. Then, without any signal or anything, they just continued down University toward the marina. It was great. I woo-hooed them and smiled big as they went by, and a unch greeted me and said "nice smile". It was cool. They weren't organized or uniformed or anything. There was nothing to even make me think they were together, except that they were. I love the east bay. I guess it was some kind of a take back the streets thing. Yeah. Oh, and a cupcakery just opened two blocks from my house. Woah. Good thing they have weird hours, or I would be there all the time. They even have little mini cupcakes.

Anyway. I just got back from a three day camping trip, and I start school on Tuesday. I got my hair cut today, and it is so short that the scar running up the back of my head is visible. I love it, and it looks shorter everytime I look in the mirror. Have a good evening.

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Sun, Jul. 3rd, 2005 01:56 pm

I am sitting in Starbucks down the street from my house, because I have a paper due onTuesday and I can't study at home. Our local library thanks to some politicos is not open on Sunday, so here I am. Earlier, I was sitting in the midst of a bunch of white guys. This older gentleman walks in, looks around, walks out again. Back in again and walks up to the only person of color in the room, and says "Is that your cab out there?" The guy just looked at him and was like "Nope. No cab." The older guy leaves. I was like "What the fuck?" Black guy just kind of shrugged like what can ya do? I Fucking hate North Berkeley. Bah.

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Fri, Jun. 24th, 2005 06:31 pm

So busy... I started school, and it has been really good and I remember at least one of the reasons why I hated school before...having to deal with all those people that suck! There are way too many people in my class that don't really want to be there, but instead of just being quiet and be there, they have to be loud and obnoxious. It is kind of annoying, but, welcome to Community college! My teacher is really laid back, and she's young, which is totally fine, just an observation. I think that if I pay attention and do the work, I'll be just fine. And then on to Spanish.

Tonight, I was doing the dishes, and Frida fell and started screaming. If you have been around us at all, you know that Frida falls. I picked her up and started to comfort her, hugging and telling her that she was okay. Then she looked up at me, and her mouth was full of BLOOD!!! AAAHHH! I freaked out, Doug came running, and we proceeded to try and get Frida to show us her mouth so we could see what was going on. The blood stopped really fast, and we determined that she fell and hit her face, causing a tooth to get involved. Scary. Our first blood owie. She is totally fine, she just has a fat lip.

So, how's everyone? Chee Ann, you suck. I just finished watching Gilmore Girls Season three. That's right three. Meaning that I already saw 1 & 2. Do you see what you have done? There aren't any more on DVD. What am I going to watch now? Just kidding, I miss you so much. How's Brooklyn? Is the Renegade Fair this weekend? You should call me this weekend if you feel like it.

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Sun, Jun. 12th, 2005 08:06 pm

Well, my wheel is in my living room. It is beautiful. I have only spun about a bobbins worth on it. I just haven't had any time.

Yesterday, Doug, Frida and I went to look at this cooperative house we are thinking about moving into. It seems great. There are chickens, a huge garden, our friend, Crow, has bees, and it would end up being quite a bit cheaper. Downsides include, one smoker, who smokes in his room, living with twelve other people, smaller living quarters. I love living communally, but this is a 420 friendly household, which we are not into. We don't mind it, and it's about as legal as you can get here in Berkeley, but we don't really want to live with it. Also, it seems like kind of a late night loud type, which also wouldn't work. I just really have some issues. They claim to want an inter generational multi-cultural household, but there are quite a few thinkgs to think about when living with kids. I'm torn.

Today, I took a rug felting class. It was very cool, and I took away what I needed most. The technique. Pretty easy, and apparantly, I am a natural. I guess I'm better at all this crafty stuff than i thought, or Claudia wants to get in my pants. Speaking of which, someone has moths.

Also, I start school on the 20th.

And, I was denied membership in the Boob Nazis. They say my journal is too new. Whatever. At least I got in to Hip Mommas. (Score!) Slightly sarcastic, as all they seem to talk about is formula stuff and what to do when the crib just isn't working anymore. Not my cuppa, but to each his own.

And, I miss Chee Ann. Are you ready to stretch your conches?

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